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Beat Corporate America At Its Own Game


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Mark Teller was living on welfare in January of 2006. He had worked for himself all of his life. He had never even written a resume. Eighteen months later he cashed $8,100 in a single week, mostly from Fortune 500 companies. Teller created an imaginary job history, invented skills, and talked his way into top-paying jobs that others might only dream about. His courage, optimism and dark humor provide a compelling tale of how to succeed in corporate America when the odds are stacked against you.

Amazing True Story

Learn to:

  • Find things you’re good at and turn them into “expertise”
  • Create a resume from little or no job history, and sail it past the recruiter
  • Wow interviewers and get hired
  • Beware of the warning signs of malicious recruiters and their bag of tricks
  • Avoid runaway jobs that never materialize
  • Get the best money for your time, even while everyone is trying to gang-bang you
  • Turn a two-week assignment into $75,000 in easy cash
  • “Stack” three jobs without suffering a stroke or heart attack (at least temporarily)
  • Get along with your bureaucratic “cubie” mates (I speak from failure)
  • Avenge yourself upon the recruiter and their idiot clients if they mistreat you
  • Be at peace with yourself for the stuff you had to do to get by (this is a work in progress)

If you ever applied for work and then:

  • Never heard back
  • Were told that you were not qualified,even though you thought you were a shoo-in
  • Took the phone interview and then got turned down
  • Interviewed in person and did not get hired
  • Were told you would be hired but never got the job
  • failed even though you thought you were doing your best job search

…This book will help you understand what went wrong!

You may have failed to get past the recruiter, the idiot gatekeeper who stands in your way, defying your worst expectations with their laziness, stupidity and flat-out greed.

Teller finds out the hard way and also shares in how to beat the indifference that prevents you from getting the job you deserve. Join him on a rocket-booster ride form welfare to $8,100 per week in a year and a half.


From welfare to $8,100 in a Month

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